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Port Club

Port Club Ruby


Club Ruby 

In the 40 years since Johnny Graham founded Churchill’s, he has never produced a Ruby-designated port for the market. And, wow, did he go for it when he did. This inaugural Port.Club Ruby is a single harvest blend made exclusively from vintage stocks of the 2015 harvest. It spent two years finding its legs in a 30,000 litre oak vat, followed by four years mellowing in Portuguese oak barrel, before exiting into a 500 bottle limited run exclusively for Port.Club.  

Imagine a tawny port had a baby with a vintage port, and that kid went on X-Factor and blew everyone away with a fresh but powerful rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings which was at once totally adorable and truly moving. And then the kid rejected the inbound record deal to drop out of public life and pursue her true destiny as an award-winning legacy-aged colheita or single harvest vintage in 10-30 years’ time… That is what you’re about to drink. Enjoy. 

How to talk about it: 

  • Colour: Dark berry with a garnet rim 
  • Nose: Intense wildflower 
  • Palate: Raw and vibrant with juicy flavours of spicy black cherries 


Fun Fact: While ‘ruby’ is often thought of as the entry-level category of port because of how it’s often positioned in the market, the designation ‘Ruby’ actually refers to the broader style and color of port rather than a statement of quality. Ruby ports can run the gamut from two year blends to once-in-a-decade vintages.  The defining characteristic is – you guessed it – its ruby-red hue and the manner in which it is aged.  Never judge a book by its cover or a port by its name.  All the more reason to taste and see.  

Port Club Ruby