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Churchill's 1997 Vintage Port


After some awkward teen years in which it learned humility sitting alone in the lunchroom, this vintage port from 1997 has gone full swan over the last half decade and is now one of the best-drinking current vintages in the Churchill’s cellar. Boasting a rounded complexity and rich depth of flavour, it’s an amazing example of the magic of bottle-ageing and a great snapshot of a classic vintage year. Stand up for a few hours before decanting and let it breathe in a cool place.  If you didn’t get the fuss about vintage before; you will now.

How to talk about it:
- Colour: Deep brick red colour
- Nose: Seductive on the nose, with notes of fresh mint and menthol
- Palate: Black nougat and green capers with elegant grip and acidity.

How to enjoy: 
Age: Young, Mature, Wisdom of Age
Storage: Upright, Laying down
Drinking Temp: Cellar temperature (12-14 º), Cool (10-12 º), Chilled (8-10 º)
Prep: Crack open and pour; Uncork and decant

Churchill's 1997 Vintage Port