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Back2Back Vintage Offer: Churchill's Vintage 2016 & 2017


Churchill's Vintage 2016 & 2017 Back2Back Vintage (2 x case of 6 bottles)


It's International Port Wine Day today and our master blender & founder’s birthday tomorrow. To mark this moment we are offering a "buy one get one half price" deal on the 2016 & 2017 Vintage. That's a saving of over 200GBP.

"2016 was a great year for viticulture in the Douro. A year that combined the perfect climatic conditions and an ideal grape ripening cycle. And 2016 is just that, a concentrated Vintage with exceptional ageing quality." 

Produced with old vines (on average over 50 years old) in the Douro Valley, of which the backbone comes from the old vines of Quinta da Gricha. 

“Following on from the 2016 declaration, the 2017 Vintage had to be an exceptional Year to be declared as a consecutive Port Vintage. And so, it was! From a production point of view, 2017 was one of the shortest years in the Douro due to the heat and lack of rainfall. It was the first time that we started picking our Port grapes in August. Considering the heat stress on the vines it is amazing that the 2017 Ports not only had concentration but also a fresh vein of natural acidity to give a robust tannic structure. They had gravelly tannins, not fine tannins, and this bodes well for the longevity of the wine. There is also a raw, wild character about our Churchill’s 2017 Vintage Port. Rather like the 2011, the Churchill’s 2017 is a striking Vintage that will give a great deal of pleasure for years to come.”

- Johnny Graham, 2021. 

All our ports are made in “lagares” or traditional granite treading tanks. This is our preferred choice of vinification for Port. Although more costly, we believe it is still the most effective maceration process for making top quality Vintage Port. During the first six months, the young Ports will spend the winter months in seasoned oak vats in the Douro before being transported to our lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia. Here they will continue to age for a further 18 months in large seasoned oak vats or stainless steel tanks until being bottled.

Back2Back Vintage Offer: Churchill's Vintage 2016 & 2017