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Port Club

Harvest Experience 2022 Non Member



Craving an escape to a stunning Portuguese wine region while taking part in an authentic Douro harvest?

On September 10th, 11th and September 25th, we're welcoming guests to our annual Douro vindima, for a day of picking, stomping, breath-taking views and enjoying our award-winning ports and Douro wines.

Arrive at the quinta and change into your Douro kit, ready to join in centuries-old traditions while picking grapes with our viticulture team.

After a mid-morning snack with the harvest crew, enjoy a tasting of Churchill's iconic ports and single Quinta Vintages, while taking in the panoramic views from the vined terraces. Then let the fun begin as you join the treading team in the ancient granite treading tanks – or lagares.

Finally, away the rest of your day while enjoying a delicious three-course rustic lunch in the idyllic orange grove, paired with Churchill’s fresh and elegant Douro wines and a special Vintage Port.

Harvest Experience 2022 Non Member